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Don't believe the Hype - seeing past the mist.

Before my son was born I never questioned the status quo, I believed all the hype printed on glossy packaging without hesitation.  I never thought much  about what was in the product itself or what it took to create.  

They say that necessity drives progress, and I agree.  My youngest son is the reason this business was created and its what drives it  on.   You see my beautiful  infant son had severe eczema as a result of lactose  intolerance, which took months to diagnose and treat.  He cried almost constantly and rarely slept for long day or night.  We used steroids and a steady rotation of creams  and lotions, none of which worked for any length  of time. 

As I became more frustrated with the medical standard solution, I sought alternatives and started researching simpler, traditional skincare methods.  The more i read and  understood the more I realised that we would never change things repeating the cycle of chemically laden creams, ointments and lotions.  So I started  making  my own from fresh natural ingredients and created a very basic soap based on historical recipes.  His skin began to improve and as the formula was perfected his skin cleared.  It worked so well I offered it to others I knew with the same problems and the whole family switched to the soap.  

A different outlook, created a business

From that point on I questioned the ingredients in all the products I was  buying and researched any I did not recognise.  If beauty and cosmetic ingredient labels were printed in plain English their sales would plummet.  They are written in INCI which is a standardised code by law, which makes it that much harder to understand, what you are putting onto your skin.

Research suggests that a massive 60% of everything we use on our skin, ends up in our bloodstream in less than a minute and unlike food is not filtered by  the digestive system or kidneys. Therefore, good health is not only about the exercise we do and the food we eat, it is also about the nature and quality of our body care. After all what goes on - goes in.

Our Ethics are core to the business

Sweet Escape Products was born through  a need to protect an nurture the skin and so we go to great lengths to ensure that what goes into our products are only the very best fresh, pure natural ingredients.  Where possible the bulk of the products components are produced locally.  Our essential oils are supplied here in the UK. We have visited almost all of our suppliers to ensure their standards and ethics match our own. 

Our whole range of products are earth-friendly and free of chemicals and toxins. Carefully blended, these artisan products use nature's own ingredients to deliver optimum results, naturally. 

Sharon McCrea


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Fully sustainable products hand-crafted for you in Ireland

Sweet Escape Products are located in the beautiful village of Sion Mills, a model village on the banks of the river Mourne, in county Tyrone and enclosed by stunning countryside, that is brimming with natural resources and inspiration.

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