Him Products

Demand high standards

Him Products know that men require as much from the products they buy as women do.  With that in mind Him Products have expertly developed a range of grooming products to meet  the exacting requirements of the more discerning men, who demand nothing but the best.


This stylish, distinctive range of all natural soaps, oils  and optimum quality accessories will be the first to launch this summer 2018.

Beard Products

Having a beard, a well maintained beard is a bold  statement of masculinity. To ensure your beards are the best that they can be, we have developed a range of products that are due to be released summer 2018.  The range will include balms, oils and soap which with the right equipment and diet should ensure the ultimate results.  Our own brand high quality beard accessories including beard brushes, cloths and combs will afford the best possible care.

Its not about how good your beard is ... its about how great it can be!

Shaving Products

Dispite the popularity of the beard, shaving and more importantly the ability to achieve a top quality barbershop standard shave has continued to increase in demand.  Him products have purposely put careful attention into formulating an elite range of shaving products and worked with local craftsmen to create tools and accessories to rival the best barbershops in the land, which are due to launch this Summer 2018.  

The rise of the Grey Fox

This generation of more mature men, lead much greater active lifestyles and are more conscious  about their appearance than their predecessors, with the aim of achieving a sharp look that is reaching almost cult status.  Him products have a range of anti-aging products  to assist care for and enhance mature male skin. (Release date to be announced)