Our Ethics

Clarity, honesty and openness

We believe in being completely honest and open about what goes into Sweet Escape products.  We're strongly opposed to the mainstream 'green washing' of goods - products which have minimal amounts of natural ingredients in otherwise chemical blends.  In our view, that doesn't make them natural, pure or 'green'.

Our products are earth-friendly and created using only natural ingredients, not chemicals. Whilst they include many organic components, they are not 100% organic.  

At Sweet Escape, we like to keep things simple. Every ingredient we select for our products has a host of qualities that gently deliver therapeutic benefits to your skin.  Nothing is included for show - every ingredient serves a purpose, and works to enhance the quality of your experience.

What you'll find in our products

 100% Natural, fresh and pure ingredients : That's our philosophy, pure and simple

  • Natural scents: Exclusively blended using only the finest essential oils, each one chosen not only for their aroma but also the therapeutic benefits it brings to your skin.
  • Natural Colourings: Created using botanical powders or natural clays, even the colourings we use offer their own unique benefits to your skin.
  • Sustainability: We've taken years to source and select the best quality ingredients from ethical producers.  We don't use Palm oils or any products that are seen to be detrimental to natural habitations.
  • Low carbon footprint: We are committed to helping our local economy and to the award-winning growers and producers in our region.  We visit each one t verify the quality and see if the methods they use meet our exacting standards.o
  • Natural Packaging: Our aim is to be a 100% plastic free producer.  Our product containers, marketing materials and shipping boxes are made from wood, card, glass or aluminium - everything is either recyclable or biodegradable.

And what you won't find

  •  Parabens: Extremely toxic ingredients that have been linked to cancers.
  • Chemical Preservatives and antibacterial agents: For example Triclosan which is known to contribute to bacterial resistance to antibotics.  The dioxins it creates can be toxic to the endocrine system.
  • Foaming agents: Sulfates such as Sodium Lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate strip the skin of its natural oils.  They can trigger eczema and allow other toxic elements they contain to penetrate the skin more deeply.
  • Artificial Colourants: We do not believe int the use of mineral dust, chemical or heavy metallic colourants, so there are no micas and pigments in our products. Bleaching or whitening agents such as Titanium dioxide are never used in our products.
  • Fragrances and artifical scents: These are chemically formulated, they include phthalates which are known to irritate both the skin and the respiratory system. They have no place in any Sweet Escape product.